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Supplementary examination into JSS 1 of Government College Ibadan for the 2023/2024 Academic year holds on Saturday, 2nd September, 2023 by 9am prompt at Government College Ibadan.


Swanston House

Swanston House is the first House; it was created in 1929. The House was named after Mr. E.R. Swanston - His Majesty’s Inspector of Education and later Deputy Director of Education, Southern Provinces, Nigeria. The House had Mr. W.B. Benton-Evans, a young Briton, Foundation Staff and Geography Teacher as the first Swanston House Master. The House colour is blue while the House Emblem is “A white swan on blue water”. The House Motto is “Order, Justice and Fairplay bring contentment. It is a willing cooperation that makes a strong team”.

Grier House

Grier House was created in the year 1930. The first Grier House Master was Mr. V.B.V. Powell who named the second of the first two Boarding House after Mr Selwyn Macgregor Grier, the then Director of Education, Southern Provinces, who was a Non-Educationist but an Administrator par excellence. The House colour is Maroon, while the House motto is "SAPERE AUDE". The House Emblem is “A short shield with three flowers in the middle, then at the bottom is written "Sapere Aude" which means "We dare to learn always"

Field House

Field House was established in 1948 and named after Captain H.T.C. Field. Captain Field was the second Principal of Government College Ibadan from 1932 - 1943. The first Field House Master is Mr. Alfred Long. The House colour is Green while the House emblem is a Palm Tree. The House Motto is “Nil Desperandum” meaning “Never Despair”.

Carr House

Carr House was founded in 1949, after Mr Henry Rawlinson Carr. Mr Henry R. Carr was Chief Inspector of Education in Nigeria in 1894 and was the only African who had a House named after him in Government College Ibadan. Mr G.N.I. Enobakhare was the first Housemaster of Carr House. G.N. Imafidion Enobakhare (1933) was an Old Boy of Government College Ibadan, who later returned as the first Nigerian to occupy the Principal's seat in 1958. The House Colour is Orange while the House Emblem is Eagle. The House Motto is “Be Prepared”.

Powell House

Powell House, the youngest of the five Houses was established on February 23rd, 1973. It was christened “Powell House” in tribute to Mr. Villiers Barcham Vaughan Powell - an English and History Teacher, the first Grier House Master, ‘Cambridge Blue’, and an English International in Athletics who had served GCI meritoriously for seventeen continuous years (1930-1947) and as Principal in his last 5 years (1943 - 1947) at GCI. The mascot of the House is ‘Lion’ which was coiled from the respectfulness and fearfulness GCI Boys had for the maiden House Master, Mr. A.S. Emordi, a Wood-Work Teacher and disciplinarian, who was greatly endowed with a well-built huge physique The House Colour is Purple while the House Motto is "From East And from West Came We"